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Herb Caen
Tuesday, March 28, 1989
A Mess of Dottage

NEWS TO ME #2379: That Boz Scaggs is starring in his first movie, a thriller titled "Indigo" that is being filmed on the streets of S.F. at This Very Minute! He plays a police detective who doesn't sing but gives dirty trenchcoat. The film, directed and written by Murdo Laird, is being produced by Roman Coppola, Francis' son, who has his own S.F. production company, Commercial Pictures. Roman hopes to bring the Francis spends on tips for under a million, which is what Francis spends on tips for gofers... Bill Nothman, fired by owner Cal Rossi as mgr. of the Donatello Hotel (he formerly with Stanford Court), filed a suit via attys. Roderick Bushnell and Thomas Litton and nailed Cal for a $283,285 judgment... Flash from Bruce Bellingham, our man covering the Moscow elections: "Soviets are not reluctant to vote-it's the exit polls that make them nervous" (but it's not true that Pete Rose bet on this one)... At last, a suction-cupped window "decoration" for cars that makes even Garfield look tasteful. Mary Ann Henningsen points out the sudden flowering of "Seymour Butts," a doll that moons passing motorists.

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