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Roderick P. Bushnell specializes in labor and employment cases. His practice includes a wide range of employment and labor cases, particularly sexual harassment, sex, age, race, and disability cases, as well as contract, wage and hour cases, and privacy cases arising in the workplace setting. Rod Bushnell has extensive courtroom experience trying both civil and criminal cases, arguing pre-trial motions, mediating cases, and defending and taking depositions.  The partners have also appeared in the appellate courts in over 100 cases. 

Rod Bushnell has helped countless employees successfully resolve their claims against companies ranging from small domestic companies to international corporations known worldwide.  A number of these cases have received acclaim via the media, and can be viewed by clicking on the “PRESS” link. 

Roderick P. Bushnell has procured generous settlements on behalf of their clients, including upper level management employees, against internet, pharmaceutical, media, “high-tech,” and advertising companies.  The firm has won numerous multi-plaintiff sex discrimination and sexual harassment cases against public entities, including all levels of federal, state, and local governments.

The firmís practice includes employment consulting in which the lawyers advise both employers and employees regarding the staff, situation, and/or structure of their current work environment. The firm advises employees on how to respond to probation and performance improvement plans, and assists employees trying to make a change in their work environment for professional or personal reasons. Roderick P. Bushnell routinely reviews employment contracts and assists employees in drafting letters and communications to corporate management.

Some of the firm’s more famous cases can by viewed by clicking on the “PRESS” link.  These include watershed sexual harassment, discrimination, and employment contract cases against private corporations, and public entities such as the City and County of San Francisco.

Roderick P. Bushnell also specializes in representing plaintiffs within the radio, television, and advertising industry.  These plaintiffs include media buyers, sales personnel, station management, and on the air performers.

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